7 Affirmations to set you up for success and abundance

What to do with these afffirmations?

These are three simple things that you could do to program your mind for success and abundance.

1) Read them every morning after you get out from bed and every evening before you get into bed.
Tip: Print them out and hang them up on the wall or cupboard in your bedroom so that you see them everyday. 

2) Say them to yourself as often as you can. In front of the mirror out loud, while you are walking outside or while you are standing in the cue in your head.
Tip: Read them out loud and make a voice memo that you can listen whenever you want. Hearing yourself telling you these powerful sentences is so so powerful and valuable.

3) Create screensavers and wall-papers for your laptop and phone with your favorite affirmation. Did you know that an average person checks his phone over 100 times a day? Just imagine how powerful it is if you see an inspiring affirmation each time you grab your phone. 

What if I don’t believe in these sentences?

Don’t worry if your mind has difficulty believing the affirmations in the beginning. That’s normal. The more your mind will be seeing, hearing and reading them, the more natural and familiar these sentences will become over time. That’s why you have to feed your mind the affirmations as often as you can. And over time you will notice that your mind will automatically look for and find evidence that back the affirmations up. And that’s when the magic will really happen…


Enjoy the  >> 7 AFFIRMATIONS TO SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE >> and let me know how they work for you at hello@annagogoman.com. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences.